The Holiday Collection

It's our most magical collection yet

Iridescent Accents


Iridescent Accents


Hello gorgeous

At É, we believe that jewellery should be unique, fun, elegant and above all, expressive.
A reflection of everything you are and everything you can be.

Each and every piece of our collection has been meticulously curated and assembled by hand, waiting to shine even brighter on the women who wear them.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


I love love love your jewellery 😭 Planning to get another 2 more which I've been eyeing!

Selangor, Malaysia

I love the earrings! Especially the asymmetrical ones. They’re so classy yet unique.

Penang, Malaysia

Everything was packed really well and so elegantly! I felt like it was my birthday.

Sabah, Malaysia

Can’t remember how many times I’ve purchased from É 🥺 Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing collections and good quality, I love it all ! ✨😍

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I got my go-to necklace from!
Love it so much, it matches with all my outfits! Simple yet sophisticated!

Xin E
Penang, Malaysia
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